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Queen Air Mattress

Queen Air Mattress: Discover The Benefits Of Owning A Queen Air Mattress

Owning an queen air mattress size airbed can come in handy for numerous occasions. You may have friends coming in town or maybe you are preparing for a family camping trip. The best option for you to have is a queen air mattress. You can have your air mattress in any size, but there are many more benefits to owning a queen size air mattress, especially over a twin size.

Queen Air Mattress Benefits

The size is one of the most obvious benefits you get with a queen air mattress. It gives your guests or yourself much more comfort with more space. A queen air mattress isn’t too large, so while you do have more space, you are not necessarily taking up too much space.

Queen air mattresses are easily inflated and typically have over 48 coils within the mattress to give you comfort and support. The great thing about these air mattresses is that they are highly affordable and easy to find. A great place to take advantage of the best online prices for a queen air mattress is Amazon. Amazon carries an extensive line of air mattresses from top name brands like AeroBed, Coleman, Intex and Wenzel. With the large variety of styles and sizes available, you will be sure to find a queen size air mattress to fit you perfectly.

Coleman Quick Bed Queen Air Mattress

A great model to choose is the Coleman Quickbed Queen Air Mattress with Wrap "N" Roll storage. This air bed can comfortably fit two adults, or four small kids, and inflatesQueen Air Mattress almost ten times quicker than some of their competitors. Coleman claims this model can endure all kinds of abuse, but if for some reason the airbed gets a hole, you can use the repair kit included with your purchase.

This model is easy to store with the wrap up system that is also included! The perfect solution for campers and outdoor adventurers alike, you can find the Coleman quick bed online starting around $40 and at Amazon you can even get free shipping. User ratings and reviews all stand behind this queen air mattress as most consumers have rated it a full 5 stars.

Intex Raised Downey Queen Air Mattress

If you need a little more comfort than the Coleman quick bed has to offer, you want to look at the Intex Raised Downy Queen Air Mattress with a built in electric pump. If the Intex Queen Air Mattressname didn’t already sell you, then the dual chambers will. The lower chamber actually acts as a box spring while the top chamber is the mattress for maximum comfort. It’s almost like sleeping on an actual bed.

It’s got a powerful built in electric pump for easy inflation and deflation, and is even waterproof. You can inflate and deflate this queen air mattress in less than 5 minutes at the touch of a button. Then, simply adjust the level of firmness that you prefer and enjoy the comfort you deserve. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for space on your camping trip with this Intex queen air mattress.

Aero Bed Raised Explorer Queen Air Mattress

If you’re not stuck to a budget, the Aerobed RaisedQueen Air Mattresses Queen Air Mattress Explorer Bed is another air bed you might want to consider. This queen air mattress conforms to your body like memory foam beds, and has a built in flashlight pump! It comes with a convenient carrying case and also comes in twin size for two options.

A perfect option for weekend getaways or for you next camping trip, this queen air mattress model is a bit pricier so you can expect to pay at least $100 for it, even on bargain sites like Amazon. AeroBed produces great products, so in this case the extra money is well worth it. Be sure to give this AeroBed queen air mattress a try.


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